Strata Services

Rancho Management Services (B.C.) Ltd. currently manages over 350 Corporations consisting of over 50,000 units.

Below are Property Management Services Rancho provides.

  • Professional Proactive Guidance

  • Active Routine Building Maintenance

  • Quick and Reliable Communication with the Strata Agent

  • Quick turnover of Meeting Minutes

  • Strata Corporation Budgeting

  • Purchases always subject to the Approval by Strata Council

  • Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements

  • Online Services for Owners and Residents

  • Regular Site Inspections

  • Dedicated Mandarin and Cantonese Strata Query Phone Lines

  • Extensive Trades List

  • 24 Hours Emergency Service

  • In-House Trained Strata Agents

  • Continuous Education for Strata Agents

  • Electronic Approval of Invoices

  • No Commissions on Insurance Placement