Online Service Guides

Rancho CARE Demo

Record building events and ensure that whatever comes up is dealt with promptly and efficiently. Record and report on events such as:

  • Ambulance, police, or fire department visits
  • Bylaw violations
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • And more!

The concierge or building supervisor can record the actions that they have taken and can also add supporting photos to the report.

Once submitted, the property manager can immediately view and address the report.

MyRanchoStrata Demo

Access your strata-related documents at your convenience with MyRanchoStrata.

Get quick access to view your:

  • Meeting minutes
  • Bylaws
  • Memos
  • Insurance certificates
  • And more!

Receive a notification whenever there is a new strata document released so that you can always stay up to date and in the loop.

RService Demo

RService is Rancho’s online booking program for reserving elevators or booking your strata or your club amenities.

Residents signed up for service will also receive email notifications whenever a package arrives and is being held at the concierge desk.

Once booking is approved by the concierge/building staff, the resident will receive an email confirmation.