Is Rancho fully bonded and insured?

Yes, Rancho is fully bonded and insured under the Real Estate Act of British Columbia.

How long has Rancho been in business?

Rancho has served Downtown Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 35 years.

How do I become a Resident Manager?

You may submit a resume with cover letter to our office by mail:

Rancho Management Services (B.C.) Ltd.

6th Floor – 1190 Hornby Street

Vancouver, BC  V6Z 2K5

How is Rancho different from other Property Management companies?

Rancho differentiates itself from the rest through its “Rancho Difference” principles:

Rancho prides itself on providing:

  • Provide a Higher Level of Service than our competitors
  • More Professional
  • Have a Better Communication with our clients through proactive services like CARE Program
  • Neighborhood Bike Patrol
  • First company to have minutes and bylaws on our website free of charge to clients
  • Electronic Approval of Invoices - INQFLOW
  • Concierge Program – RSERVICE
  • PM Automated Maintenance Schedule

Can Rancho save me money through its volume discount?

Yes! Rancho has an extensive trades list which allows for savings in items such as waste management, and insurance.

Does Rancho manage individual units on a rental basis?

Yes! Rancho has a rental management division dedicated to providing rental services to individual units. To get more details about our Rental service, please go back to the Home Page and click on the Rental tab.

How does Rancho handle meeting minutes?

Rancho provides meeting minutes to Strata Council 2-3 business days after the day of the meeting. Once approved for distribution by Council, the minutes are distributed and made available to Owners online via our website.

Does a Strata Corporation need to have its financial statements audited?

The Strata Property Act does not require financial statements to be audited, however, Rancho recommends an audit by a reputable CA or CPA firm for larger strata corporations. 

Does Rancho have 24-hour Emergency Services?

Yes! A Rancho Property Manager is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle all of your building’s emergency needs.

How often are financial statements prepared?

Rancho’s accounting department issues financial statements on a monthly basis (or within thirty days of the following month).  

Does Rancho conduct project inspections?

Yes, Rancho conducts strata inspections at least once every two weeks, or as necessary. This is to ensure that there is sufficient follow up on any problems in the building.